Monday, April 7, 2008


Houston... we have a problem. Well folks... seems as though our "extended hiatus" will be going on a bit longer. You see, our camera went down yesterday and it is pretty much unrepairable! Trust me, we will be back. Tony still has a lot on his mind!!!! We'll be back just as soon as possible!

To our loyal followers... we apologize!

Matt & Tony


John Romeo said...

Time to get a new Canon XL-1!

Anonymous said...

Wow I can't believe that this is ending...I love Tony....where is he going...I'm glad I could predict the future and knew that there would be a hiatus because Tony's loves goats and he ribbits like kermit the frog maybe he should hang out with oscar the grouch in a garbage can where he belongs.

peace out,
snuffalupagus (if that isn't spelled right then my name is big bird)

Anonymous said...

john romeo,

do you want some of this...this is the bad guy razor ramon....and i spit in the faces of people who aren't cool...also there are only 2 things that come from texas steers and queers and I KNOW YOU AINT FROM TEXAS and I dont see any horns so that must mean only one thing...that are from mexico north or maybe sacramento...which is a sespool of cheenis heads.

Yours Truly,
The Kool-Aid red pitcher guy

p.s. cowabunga

Anonymous said...

i pissed blood and I don't even care about anything that you think of me because i'm the mullan man with the largest arms in the world and you are only a big biceped say it aint so..

thank you,

Anonymous said...

normal question now....

how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

no but really a normal question now?

who do you think would win for the biggest bicep competition the mulan man or scott steiner?

trick question...scott steiner is the mulan man

what would you prefer wine glasses or candles?

wine glasses that hold candles...yayaya

Anonymous said...

quick question?

is everyone taking off the last day of school because i am

senior skip day woooooohooooooooo

class of 1976 wouldn't miss these blogs for the world

Anonymous said...

aunt's are wild about the world cup

and i think Tony should go to that

place we call mexico north and I apologize to all the mexicans out there..